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The creative path: patterns or experimentation?

Most authors learn to write from other people's books, some consciously, some not. Of course, you can get a philological education, you can study tons of literary articles, but all this is just theory. And pay someone to write essay the practical skills we acquire by reading other people's stories.

And our first books we write, most often, based on other people's patterns and stereotypes, using what we have seen from others.

And this is natural - to get a hand, to get used to own words and express their thoughts, it is easier to use ready-made images.

So before you start college papers for money inventing your own author's bicycle, you should ride someone else's and figure out how it works.

Templates and stereotypes are the best way to practice.

What in a work can be considered a pattern?

First and foremost, it's plot moves.

For example: in a world where evil is rampaging, and must save him from the hero, whose name is known from the old prophecies. Here is the first pattern. Deliver the names, think of the name of the world and the cities, think of the nationality of Evil and the name of the hero, and the plot twist is ready.

The second example: our girl finds herself in another world where an elven prince and a dragon king fight over her heart. The heroine, on the other hand, has a magical gift and is eager to go her own way, either fighting off the suitors or choosing between them. A conflict - even a whole bunch of them! - Consider it done.

Also, the template can be a world: a virtual reality from a famous computer game, mythological - Slavic or Greek, the author - partially or completely copying the realities of the world, say, Tolkien.

A template, therefore, is a ready-made stencil of a world or a storyline that you use, adding a little of your own "to your liking.

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